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ASPROUSEY05 I wrote back to you on another thread not sure if you saw it, but anyway, I know exactly how you feel and what you are going through. I couldnt even go to my own sister's kids birthday party! It was too upsetting for me. I didn't go to any of my good friends kids party either.
Don't lose hope. I really thought it would never happen for me. We TTC for 3 years. We had 7 failed IUI's. I had a LAP for endometriosis, which I ended up barely even having any. I had a chemical pregnancy with my 1st IVF attempt and then the frozen cycle, which finally worked! I have an 11 week old son now. They never found anything wrong with me, which was so frustrating. I had every test done in the book and the only thing I had was a high level of prolactin so I took a drug to normalize it. Oh and I had mycoplasma and urea plasma which I had to take antibiotics for. I went to 4 different fertility clinics so I really had every test done over and over again! My DH had low mobility and poor morphology, but not all the time, sometimes his came back great and other times not (he also had plenty of sperm analysis's!). We did ICSI. It was the most frustrating time of our lives. I really thought it would never happen for me. Also one recommendation I did acupuncture before, during, and after my frozen cycle and I really think that may have done the trick. I also stopped drinking coffee and alcohol 100% and I religiously took prenatal vitamins and extra folic acid. They say it helps the pregnancy stick. Who knows I would of stood on my head if that worked!! Oh and one more thing I literally laid in bed for 4 days post transfer. And I prayed a lot! good luck to you on your frozen transfer. 2007 will be your year!! I will be praying for you! Laura

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