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im not really mad at myself or beating myself up about it, im just frustrated! and i have every right to feel that way.. At my clinic for my age group this yr they had a 75% success rate for implantation, and about 68% live birth rate.. so actually i have more of a chance of it working then not working.. of course i know there is a chance it can fail, which is why i have not given up hope yet.. and since all my IF problems are male related, they take care of that with icsi and the quality of eggs is great and so is all the hormone levels and my lining, so there is nothing different to do this time. thats why im frustrated.. the drs cant make it implant! they dont understand why im NOt getting pregnant.. so im hoping next time, my embabies decide to implant... so i can get past this step, and move on to the next step.. and i dont know if im taking this the wrong way, but please dont tell me it could be well aware of that.. that is not something any of us really want to hear when we are hurting, there are women who have been thru more then me and women who have been thru less.. none of that matters tho, because we are all in this together.. im hurting and i need support, and thats what i get from most people here.. why havent you had a second ivf?? my clinic only makes me wait a cycle.. im sorry you had to wait that long.. and i will be praying things work out for you..because right now you seem very sad and down.. i hope you have a wonderful holiday!! <3 aimee

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