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Hey Holly,

You and Dh have been through so much! With the low count, blocked tube weak ovulation and stomach problems no waonder your frustated. The whole IF thing is just so draining. I feel like it drains the life out of me sometimes. I do still think that you may have ovulated early this month. I guess I had something smiliar to "weak ovulation." my RE called it pre-mature ovulation not sure if exactly the same but I ovulate too early and for some reason they can't stop it from happening this makes it hard to fertilize my eggs. At least that what they tell me.

Maybe if you change the time you test, maybe first morning urine. That may help. Either way I just don't hold too much faith on those OPK's they can be wrong at least that is what my RE had told me. He advised me not to use them at all and that he would tell me when I was ovulating based on u/s and b/w. Is your RE doing u/s and b/w?? I know how discouraging it all is and we put so much into this and sometimes I feel we get so little out of it. But in the long run it will be worth it. It sounds like you are getting good care it just may take more time. I dread using the TIME word but I guess we don't get to decide. Hang in there and I hope you get the line on your next OPK test I know it brings ease to our minds when we see it. Please keep me posted, if you decide to have the 21 day b/w I would like to know what it says.

Take care!!!


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