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So frustrated!
Dec 29, 2006
Sorry this is long...

So this was suppose to be our month off without thinking about IF. No IUI, no meds, just me and DH trying to act llike normal people for a month. Well, that is not working :mad:

I never have a consitent cycle, it can be anywhere from 32-38 days. So my DH and I planned a cruise from 1/7-1/14 to celebrate our anniversary and have some needed relaxation. Plus, we can never go on vacation when we're going to the RE's office every other day. Then my AF would be due sometime that next week we got back (1/15-1/21) and we could start another IUI cycle.This seemed perfect, right?

Well, my acupuncturist said to me last week when I went in that I was going to ovulate in the next 3-5 days (I didn't want to know that since I was trying not to think about IF). I didn't belive her at first because I was only on cd7. I have never ovulated that early in my life! Well, I decided to take an OPK over last weekend and sure enough I had the LH surge on Sat and ovulated on Christmas eve.

Now that means I will get AF about the first day of the cruise and not be home on cd3 for u/s, b/w, and to start meds. We are going to have to skip another cycle! I am so mad at my body. It always seems to be against me. Never in my life have I had a short cycle, it's always at least 32 days and now it's going to be about 24 days. Why now? I can't believe it! I am so frustrated that I planned this vacation for us to relax and not think about IF and now it is going to cause us to miss another cycle. Now I wish I never planned this vacation but it's already paid for so what can we do but go. I know we're lucky to be able to go on vacation (I'm sorry to whine about that) but why do I have to give up another cycle for it? If I had any idea I would ovulate early I would never had planned it. IF stinks!

I'm sorry this is so long but I needed to vent. If you are still here, thanks for listening:)


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