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Just Dance- I'm sorry to hear about your bfn :( I hope this next month it works!

ALM- my cycles are between 24-35 I ovulate between day 12 and 20....i had my IUI this month on day 12 which i thought was too early but sperm can stay around for up to 72 obviously it worked :)
Anyway, i'm currently on cd 27 which makes it 15 days past IUI....and for my period being late--no i tested before. As for symptoms--my pms symptoms have always felt like pregnancy symptoms (with ds I spotted and even went out and bought pads etc, b/c I assumed af was here--i even cried) but while I was buying the stuff i thought i might as well get a hpt for the next month..which wasn't needed in the end).....sorry for the rambling---symptoms--just my usual headaches, had a couple days of nausea, not sleeping through the night, and having crazy dreams. And, the feeling like i was getting a cold.
This morning i tested again and the line was still faint..i was hoping it would be darker but maybe tomorrow!
Good Luck and take care!
S :)

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