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Hi, guys -
I'm not sure how far I can go in recommending or not recommending something, based on my own experience, and in particular, I don't want to recommend something and then have someone with a bad reaction and it have been my fault, but I do want to share my positive experience with herbs.

I wasn't ovulating for a few years, and when I went on Clomid, I did ovulate, but the entire month was such an ordeal with the moodswings and the way it made me feel in general. I also ovulted fairly late, and when I got AF, it was extremely painful, and I would fall into a depression that I would place along the same lines as a suicidal depression (how low it was, not that I would do that).

Anyway, I read A LOT, and had done QUITE A BIT of research on herbs. A while back (before Clomid), I had tried Vitex and ovulated that month, but figured it was just fluke. But, after the Clomid didn't work, I decided I might as well go full-on and try herbs for real, I had nothing to lose!

So, for two and a half months I've been taking False Unicorn Root and Vitex (along with a couple of other herbs that aren't the active ingredients and I won't bother getting into right now). The first month, I ovulated around CD 16 (requested a progesterone test to prove it) and had a fairly mild AF 14 days later and no depression.

The next month, I ovulated EXACTLY on CD 14, with a very strong OPK and had the most mild AF I've had in years, without any depression. Also, during the month, I don't have any noticeable side effects from the herbs like I did with the Clomid.

I HIGHLY recommend herbs, given that you don't have any unusual conditions or are on prescriptions that can interact with them. The two I named are the typical ones that have been used for thousands of years for infertility.

Oh, one other thing - with Ovulex (which is a wider mix of ingredients), I suffered SEVERE migraines, that I didn't get with the individually picked out herbs. Also, I have bipolar disorder, and I believe either Ovulex or Fertility Blend (one of the other "mixture" supplements) has gingko biloba and/or ginseng, both which noticeably cause a manic/depressive mood cycle and can affect mood in general, not necessarily in a good way. (My doctor even agrees with this) be cautious if you think you have any kind of mood disorder.

Ok, I'm done! Hope this wasn't too much, but I really wanted to share this with you!...Oh, and it has to be the herbs, I don't ovulate on my own anymore.

Good luck and baby dust to all of you!


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