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Green Light!
Jan 4, 2007
Well, I just got back from my follow up appointment from my surgery and guess RE gave us the green light to start IVF!:blob_fire :blob_fire :blob_fire I am just so very happy I could die!!!!! After the surgery, I thought we would have to wait until like April or so.

So I am at cd15 today and still have not gotten the surge on the OPK. I should get it tomorrow or so. This was a natural cycle because of the surgery. So once I get my period, I will start IVF, should be about 2 weeks! We will go on the pill for 3 weeks and start Lupron. Then once I get my period, we will do Follistim. I have never been so excited to go on the pill and get shots as I am right now;) So we will know in March if it worked!!!!!!

The only thing that I am a little sad about is that they just changed the protocol for transferring the embabies. Because of my age (28), if we make it to a 5 day transfer, they only put back 1 embaby:( I really want to transfer 2. He said that we can discuss that more when the transfer comes around and that we could possibly do 2 (I really hope so!).

Well, thanks for listening, I am just so happy to be moving forward. After 2 1/2 years of ttc, 6 rounds of clomid, 4 rounds of injections, 6 iuis, 2 surgeries, and one miscarriage, I AM READY FOR IVF!!!!!!!!:blob_fire So hopefully this will do the trick and fill this empty heart and arms:angel:

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