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I'm sorry to hear about the new development.
My DH used to have low sperm count, motility, mobility and morphology and our doctor told him to do the followings and within a couple months the test results were much better.
We also had to do icsi on all of our cycles. Perhaps your DH would like to try the list below if he hasn't already. You probably wondering why am I giving you all this advise and yet I'm still not pregnant after 6 IVF attempt. Well I wish I could explain it but at least it improves my DH sperms quality and I hope that it do the same for your DH too. I guess it won't hurt to try right?:)

Take Vitamin E and C
Limit or eliminate caffeine intake.
Stop smoking
Wear Loose Underwear (boxers)
Stay out of Hot Tubs
Quit drinking alcoholic beverages
Eat Healthy and Excersice
Try and consume anti-oxidant vitamins or food.

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