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Re: Consult
Jan 17, 2007
i know all of my ivfs resulted in failure.. but i keep hearing people mention these "ivf success rates of 30-35%" that is not always the case! my clinic has a 65% success rate.. these 30-35% rates i think were from a few years ago!!! i know it is a lot of money to spend if it doesnt work, but look at how many women (well since ive been hear) got pregnant with their 1st or 2nd ivf! of course there is a few of us out there where this hasnt worked yet, but thats always gonna happen with anything.. i know its stillnot a 100% guarantee but if your clinic success rate is under 40% id personally find a new one. and i know that ivf is very expensive, but how much do we spend on cars? etc.. i know its not for everyone, but all my sil's sister wanted was a baby, she took out a line of equity on her home and now has a 3 yr old! she didnt "have the money" but she found a way around it, i think her ivf cycle cost her 12,000 and she took enough money out to do 2 cycles and it only took her one cycle.. anyway, even with this being said, i still think a lap might be a good idea because if your insurance covers it, and it may fix a problem you dont even know you had, and there is stil a chance you may not need ivf after lap, that would be great ;) whatever you decide good luck, and maybe you will get your bfp this month and not need it !!!

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