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the ivf itself is just busy, meaning it is a daily protcol, one shot in morning one at night, u/s sound every other day, you dont necesarily feel sick, but you can get very bloated and gassy... and you can become very emotional from the hormones, (and agitated, like a crazy women, lol) but some women dont get those side effects.. and once i take my hcg trigger i get heartburn.. my re says its not related, but it happend both times the next day.. and lasted for a week or 2.. and none of the shots really hurt, they can just be scary and overwhelming.. and right before the transfer and throughout the 2ww you will be on progesterone in oil, and i HATE them, im not trying to scare any1 who hasnt taken them, but it doesnt hurt when you do it, but afterwards (even after massage) i get the lumps in my bum and they hurt!! i try to use a different spot each time, but then i just get lumps all over, they hurt when i sit, and when i walk any my booty shakes i feel the pain.. but still not HORRIBLE :) but the emotional part i would say is what makes ivf so AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH... you go through pills, and shots, and transvaginal u/s, and are put under to have eggs removed, and more shots, and pills, and then they put your embabies back, and if you gt a BFN it is HARD.. but we are suppose to think positive, and the ivf process goes by much faster and smoother, if you are positive while doing it.. good luck ladies :)

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