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Okay guys, I met w/ my RE today, and I am feeling soooo hopeful :D . First things first, we finally got some good news...His second SA was NORMAL!!! First one, he had low count and low motility, but this one was Good!

Okay next, I asked my RE if he thought accupuncture could benefit me in my particular situation, and he said no. He said it has been proven to help w/ circulation and stress, but he doesn't think it would be worth it for me. So now, I'm kind of glad I waited to talk to him about it before scheduling any appts.

He did perform a US today when I asked him, and that went okay. I'm currently on CD 16, and my lining was at 8, which he said was good. I have 7 natural follicles, but they aren't too big in size. Largest on the right was only 10 and largest on the left was 14. He thinks the left will be the one to mature, and I should ovulate in about 4 days. That seems late in the cycle to me, but it's where we're at.

Finally, we are going to give IUI a try :blob_fire :blob_fire . Obviously, it won't give us much better odds, but it will give us a little boost, and my insurance covers it, so we figured why not. I'm going to start taking metformin and dexamethosone (sp?) right away, and if we don't get lucky this month, I am to call them when AF shows up. In the meantime, I will go to an education class on Monday to learn how to inject myself with the HCG booster when the time comes.

I am SO excited. Anyway, thanks for reading and thanks even more for caring. Don't know how anybody could deal with this without some form of support. You guys are the best.


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