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Cramping after IUI
Jan 27, 2007
Hey Everyone!
Last Tuesday I went through my fourth IUI (first three times with only with clomid) with injections 10 days of Gonal-F 75 IU and 4 days of Follitism (sp?) 150 IU. The Ultrasound showed five eggs on the right side (16.5, 15, 15, 13, 12) and two on the left (15, 13). Since I have gone through the procedure I have been experiencing some nasty cramps, especially when I squat or sit down. I'm not to sure if it is from the actually procedure (the nurse that did it was alittle rough) or if there is something that I should be concerned about. I did call the doctor on thursday and they said that there is nothing that they can do and that all I can do for the time being is to take it easy, if I begin to bleed then call them. Has anyone had alot of cramping days after IUI?

Hi Jenny well I just did my 5th cycle on Weds and Thurs.The first 4 cycles were natural no drugs now this cycle I was on clomid and now prometrium.I never had cramping but I did have once or twice some bleeding cuase the re hit my uterus but they say its not a problem it happens.Anyway who really knows.I hope u feel better soon and all the luck to all of us this month........BABY DUST...........:angel:
Hi Blue u know I had the same concern do the follicles grow after u trigger?What happens to the little ones in there.I have to ask my re that question.As for the cramping it seems odd to me that u guys cramp I am totally fine after mine knock on wood, and I just did #5 this past week.So Blue are u on a cycle?It cant be the sperm causing the cramps cause they wash it for that reason.So I dont know what to saw.I just hope Jenny is feeling better. Jenny keep us posted.:angel:
Hey Blue I will keep my fingers crossed for u.So Weds is the big day.I go in on 2/8.This is my first cycle with clomid all the other cycles were natural.I am hoping this is it for me as well.Well I dont know how many cycles I have to do b4 moving to IVF but I go to a fertility clinic so if I have to go to IVF then I wont have to change doctors which is good.The thing is I am fertile my husband is sterile so we are using donor sperm.They say sometimes using donor sperm takes a few more cycles cause it is frozen and of course it isent as good as fresh.Oh well we will see what happens.Good Luck to us all and keep us posted Blue.Hope it works for all of us.....:angel:
Hey Everyone!
The cramping/ aching sensations still hasn't gone away. I feel it more when I sit or get up from a sitting position. It is also occurring more mid to right side. What should I do? Also, I feel extremely bloated and my breast are tender. This is definately too earlier to show signs of pregnancy, considering my IUI was only a week ago. Could this all be from the injections?

Hey Jenny yeah it is to early for pregnancy signs.I would call my RE and see what they say I dont think it is normal to be having these problems.Anyway I really hope everything is ok.I have my fingers crossed.So when do u go in for b/w?I go in on 2/8.Keep us posted and try and get some rest.Have u taken tylenol for the pain?

I went through Invirto and I also took Follicle Stimulating Hormones.I think that it could be from the extra stimulation to your ovaries could be a little swollen so they are actually larger than a normal cycle so when you sit or squat you are putting pressure on your ovaries and you feel an uncomfortable feeling almost like cramps.Does that make any sense.Do you have these cramps at any other position or when you are standing?Good luck.
I had the IUI this morning and the doctor was very gentle, didn`t hurt at all during or right after. But in the afternoon I started to have cramps. it is worse when I walk or stand and in bed if I find a certain position i don`t feel a thing. Maybe it's a good sign! ...I took tylenol, but doesn`t help much.
Jenny, how are you doing, is it getting better?

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