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Hey there ladies.

I'm in a bit of a state of shock right now. We went to see an RE for the first time in early december. Had a variety of tests and a follow up today. It is exactly 1 year this month since we started TTC. In any case, DH sperm test came back and it appears thats where the problem lies. 1% normal morphology. He said that he wouldn't even do IUI b/c the problem was the heads of the sperm so he'd go right to IVF/ICSI. I really never thought it would come to this. But it has and now I need to know a little more. First of does anyone know the success rate of this? It's so much money and it might not work? Secondly how does it work? What does it entail?

Any advice would be appreciated as I said, I'm so in shock right now.

Thanks Allie.
P.S. I checked out perfectly normal
Hi Allie,

I am so so sorry about DH's sperm. I know it must have been hard news for both of you to here. The good thing is you know what it is an don't have to endure the months of pain and frustration with failed IUI's. You can go straight to the most successful rates for treament IF. So that is the good news. I really am hopeful that IVF can work for you guys. From what I understand b/c I am not at IVF yet but may be soon...each office has a specific success rate. I would ask your RE what there success rate is. It may even be posted on their website. My RE's office has a 85-90% success rate with IVF which I am very happy about. But most are usually between 50 and 65%..from what I know. Some of the others on the board may be able to give you more percentages to compare. I personally would not see and RE with an IVF sucess rate less than 50-60% since it is so costly. Also did they discuss a SHARE program with you? So that if IVF fails after 3 cycles...which I really hope it doesn't... but if it does.... will they give a portion of the money back?If I do IVF it is $12,000 which includes 3 cycles attempts with IVFand if they do not result in a birth we get $7,000 back. Also did they give DH anything to increase morphology, if not ask RE what vitamin the recommend and what foods and drinks he should cut out to assist with morpholgy. My DH has bad morphology too and he was put on Fertility Blends for Men.

Hang in there and remember that we are here for you anytime!!!!

Hi Allie :wave:

I'm not sure exactly what a urologist would look for, I just know they specialize in male reproductive organs. Hopefully somebody else will have some additional info. My BF had low count and low motility for his first SA, and he started taking Amberoz (found it online) on his own. His second SA came back normal!! I don't know if this would help with morphology, but it's certainly worth looking into. Also, a few months back, one of the posters said her DH took Pycnogenal and it drastically improved his sperm. I think he might have had a problem with morphology as well, I just wish I could remember. You can look both of these products up online and see what you can find out...

Hope that helps...Good luck.


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