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Finished a few hours ago with my first IUI. Def had more pain and cramping during and immediately following the procedure than I expected. Very happy that the actual process itself was only a few minutes long!!!! I hope the lingering soreness passes soon. My DH and I are going to take off tomorrow on a long weekend trip down to Mexico and just relax... hopefully getting away from it all will help soothe our nerves!

So glad that it is over, and I am now officially in my 2WW! I know there are a few of you out there who are a bit closer to me in finding out whether the hard work this cycle has paid off. I really really hope each of you get your BFP's soon. Lots of ++++vibes and baby dust to all!:angel:
Hi Kari, I'm also sorry to hear the IUI was painful. GOOD LUCK for your BFP!! I hope this cycle is it for you!! Have fun on your trip and make sure you check in with us when you get back.

Lori, thank you for the tip about the full bladder!!! I'm starting my first IUI cycle soon, and that will really come in handy - Thanks!

Thanks guys. And Lori, I appreciate the tip! I actually went to the restroom in the Dr office immediately before the procedure... sounds like that did not help me! And Holly, I feel just fine today... if this works it was way worth it. Hope I didn't make you nervous and I hope you get your BFP before you have to have your first IUI!!!!

Mapia, I soooo want to go to Greece.... Prob one of my top three places to go to one day! And stay positive and strong for next Thursday! Blowing baby dust out there and right your way!

Not sure what kind of online access I'll have in Cabo, but for sure I will check in on everyone when I get back Tues! Have a good weekend!
Hi Kari,

I'm sorry too that you IUI was painful and that you have cramping. But I have good news for you!! It's a good sign!!!! My co-worker on her 2nd IUI had a lot of cramping and told the nurse about it and they told her that was a very good sign and guess what she had a BFP. Her son is now 7 years old ( or so, can't remember) So BRING ON the cramps if they results in the BFP for you!!!! Enjoy Mexico!! Man..I'm jealous I want to go with my DH!!! :)
Hey Kari good to hear from u.I am glad to hear u had a great time.I dont blame u for not leaving the resort no need to just nice and relaxed.That trip might have been the trick to getting BFP i am praying for u for all of us.Well I am getting back ache tonight like AF is coming that witch is due tomorrow day 28 but i hear when u are on prometrium it delays it.Well anyway I guess we will see.When u go to greece maybe we can meet up with our kids there.Wouldent that be nice????I really hope u make it some day cause it really is beautiful I wish I was there right now by the beach even though its winter thats ok just looking at the water would be great.

Dana sorry to hear that it is rare but I hear there are women who have a curved cervix and it makes it harder.Just think of the payoff though a little pain doesnt get us down now does it.I think getting AF hurts more.I just hope that witch hides for all of us or else I will beat her down.Well good luck to us ladies.I will be praying hard..............:angel:

Ivana, good luck on your IUI sweetie. I hope it goes smoothly with no pain at all.

Kari, welcome back! Glad your trip was so relaxing and enjoyable. Maybe it will help you get that BFP :)

Mapia, AF better not come near you this month. I told her to stay away! I haven't had an achy back like you, but I have been getting cramps that feel suspiciously like she is on her way. Oh, it would be so lovely if we were both wrong and both got beautiful surprises this month, but if it doesn't happen for me, then it better happen for you! We need some more BFPs. Babywish is getting lonely :jester:


Hey Holly yeah we do need more BFP it just gives us hope plus it makes us happy to see one of us get BFP.Well last night I was awoken with real bad cramps first time but it wasent like AF cramps I normally dont get bad cramps with AF.I dont know if it was just something I ate but it was weird.Well today is day 28 but AF wont come cause I am on prometrium and I hear that delays it.Oh well we will see.I have my fingers crossed for us all.


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