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[QUOTE=ALM;2790074]Hey Kathy. I have anxiously awaiting to see what your results were today. I have had prog. level checks done before, several times. It will show whether your levels are high enough to support a pg. But, they are hard to read and hard to interpret. I think that RE that I go to, and you used to go to, doesn't really like to do them.

Anyway... when we were ttc DD, I had two prog. level checks done the two months I was on Clomid. The first month is was a 6 and the nurse told me that I possibly ovulated but that the number was low. Then the second month, it was a 55 and I was pg. But, the test has to be done on the exact right day to be accurate. So, don't get discouraged if the number is low. I guess you could possibly be looking for any number higher than a 10 to support pg. (I think) But RE says that any number higher than a 3 shows satisfactory ovulatory production. I know that my cousin's prog. level on into her pg. was only at like a 15 and they gave her supplements. She did deliver a healthy baby. I may be telling you stuff you already know, if so, I am sorry.

Good luck! Let me know what the nurse says!

Mapia... thinking of you this morning. Holly... have you tested yet??

Anna Leigh:)[/QUOTE]

Anna Leigh One more question. I am taking progesterone pills could that make my numbers seem larger that what they really are?? Your 55 # when prego w/ DD that was before they could test for pregnancy right???

If anyone else knows please chime in!!

Anna Leigh!!Your at your IUI as we speak!!! How awesome!!!! Good luck!!

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