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Wow I heard about a shooting but I cant remember I think it was another one or maybe it was it I dont know.This world has gone mad so glad to hear u are safe and ur co workers.I guess its not safe anywhere anymore.Its scarey.

Yeah most women would just think they got their period late and wouldent think anything of it.I had the same thought about the production of hcg,I have read as well that it is produced after implantation.Well maybe some is produced before and then goes up when implanted.Maybe RE can shed some light tomorrow when I see him.I am thinking he wont change anything about my cycle probably do clomid again this cycle along with trigger.I guess we will find all that out tomorrow.I am very excited to talk to him I havent talked to him person to person since before we started IUI.He doesnt do IUI personally the clinic I go to is so big and there are different locations but they only do all the iui's and ivf at 2 of their locations.So I go to their other office when doing iui.I am interested to see what he will say to me.There isent much to be said but still I just need to talk to him plus he wanted to talk to me as well, probably to reasure me.I hope thats what he wants to say.There is no problem with me so he will just say be patient.Every month when doing monitoring everything always looks good and are very happy with lining follicles etc.Well this was first month I used clomid and had more then 1 follicle.Well anyway I am blabbing now. I hope u are keeping busy and not thinking about IF to much.I know its hard. I wish u a great night and stay away from the malls there.


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