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Oh Mapia!!! I am so sorry, I really hope your numbers go up. I iwll be praying for you that it will happen. It has been known to happen so don't loose hope just yet. I would have answered sooner but I had stepped away from my desk for a bit. As you know I had the miscarriage last Feb. and I had a chemical pregnancy in September which would have been the same month I would have delivered the other I m/c. What happen with mine was that my period was about 10-12 days late, I don't know what my numbers were but at the 2nd blood work they confirmed it was a no go. DH and I were on vacation when I got the call to confirm it was not going to proceed. They did not give me anything and my period that month was heavier than ususal but that was it. It felt like forever to get my period so in my very distressed mood I drank a bottle of wine and cried for 2 hours and the next day AF came. I just hope you don't have to go through this. I will keep you in my thoughts and be praying for you. If you have any questions please just let me know. But your as Holly said your #'s are not far behind one of the other girls so try to stay hopeful to help that embie as much as you can to keep delveloping. We are here for you ok.


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