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Thank you all again for your wishes. Before I answer Kathy's question of which the answer will be quite long, here's the answers for :

Mapia - I had 3 follies, 16,17 and 19mm. Lining? I never bothered to ask as I just wanna get the IUI done as quickly as possible. I never thought IUI would work on me anymore after so many failed attempts. But my new RE insisted to do one more round before jumping to IVF. It was a second cycle with him.

JustDance - Good luck in your hpt next week. The normal trend in this board is once there is a bfp, there will be one long string. My cramp wasn't on the right or the left. It was on my whole pelvic.

And Kathy, this is for you :

I was on gonal-f and some yellow pill. Don't know the name and never bothered to ask too. I trusted the RE as he is the most popular ones in my country.

Things I do different from my other cycles, other than my DH couldn't perform BD after the IUI? Well, it may sound ridiculous to all of you but to me, it's worth all the effort. Here they are:

1. I found a buddhist monk to perform Transfer of Merits to my angel baby whom I miscarried last year.

2. I made a Dana Offerings to the monks in the temple. It was a offering of food and made a wish in the food for the monks to eat, in the hope the food will give energy to the monks to chant and meditate and cultivate my wishes.

These 2 things were done between my last AF and final IUI. And the thing I did and still doing is meditation. I was advised by the monk to meditate at least 5 minutes every night. During my meditation, I focus on my fertilised egg (if any) and give encouragement to the egg to implant.

Do all these sound ridiculous? I hope I don't freak you out. And now, my next activity is to make another dana offering to the temple and this time, with a wish of "thank you" in the food. I am a buddhist chinese and will be celebrating Chinese New Year on Feb 19 and 20, with at least a baby in my belly if not in my arm.

My advice to all? Change RE if your current RE refuse to change your protocol after many failed attempts!

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