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Hi Kathy! That is so funny about the lamaze classes and mommie and me too!!:) I so am praying that you get your BFP this month! I feel good for you since your IUI went so well!! It would be a sign to feel a little dizzy, even though I know it is early. How many days piui are you, is it 3? You did IUI on Saturday, right? Do you test at 10piui or do you wait the full two weeks?? I am always too scared to test cause usually it seems to be bad luck for me. The only time I ever waited until my period was late to test, I was pg.!! Every other time I have decided to test b/c I thought I could be pg., I would get a BFN and then AF would show up either that day or the next day. UGH!!

I think that I would deliver at HH, the Women's Center. I think that is where my obgyn delivers babies. I know that my cousin, who uses the same obgyn as me, delivered her baby there so I guess I would too. That would be so cool!! I know you can't say on the board, but I guess you must use an obgyn who delivers at HH, then huh??

I will let you know after I hear back from the nurse tomorrow afternoon. I hope that I don't forget to ask about the ovidrel inj. I really hoping that I won't have to do that. But, if I do, it'll be okay. I will get through it. I hate living with anxiety disorder. I feel like it holds me back so much.:rolleyes: I think that I will take a Sprite with me in the morning, just to be safe.:)

Do you think that we should abstain from BD'ing starting tonight until the IUI is completed? We aren't supposed to BD tonight anyway b/c we do every other night but we are supposed tomorrow night. But, I guess we shouldn't the night before the IUI, just the night of, right?? I am so afraid that I will wake up the morning of the IUI and my temp will have risen. I guess, though, that b/w will show that I shouldn't ovulate before Thursday, if RE wants to wait until then to do the IUI. I worry so much!! UGH!! enough rambling....

Anna Leigh
Hey Kathy! Everything went fine this morning with the b/w. Thanks so much for checking in with me to see how it went. The nurse only had to take one vial this morning as opposed to like five yesterday so I handled it much better. I also asked my nurse about the ovidrel. She is the new one, Mandy, and yes she is young and I feel like, maybe not as experienced as the other nurses. But, anyway, she is soooo sweet and I like that. She didn't get at all bothered that I had a question this morning when I came in. That is so different from my other experiences with obgyn nurses. She told me that it is likely that I won't have to do the ovidrel b/c it appears that I am going to surge on my own. She said, of course, that the b/w today will help them to confirm that thinking. But, Christine chimed in, she seems much more experienced. She is also very sweet. She said, yes, RE does think that you will surge on your own and so the ovidrel may not be needed. She says that it is like an insurance policy to make sure that your body surges. I like that way of thinking and I also, sort of, feel like it might be good for me to use it anyway, just to be sure that I reach my surge and then ovulate. As much as I don't want to have to use it, I am sort of feeling that way.

Anyway... I will let you know what the nurse says when she calls back. I can't wait on her call. I don't know what I will do if she says that we are going to do the IUI tomorrow!!! It's like, I have gotten so used to bad news from nurses when they call, that I think I am jinxing myself by getting my hopes up that we might do the IUI tomorrow. I am also kind of worried about DH's numbers b/c we did BD Monday night. We won't tonight though so I guess it will have been like two whole days of abstinence. I have begged him to only have one caffeine drink today and tomorrow. I pray that he will hold up his deal and not have more than one. He is so bad about caffeine. I really think it probably has affected his numbers.

Hey... I saw on the other post that you have a prog. level check scheduled for Friday. I am praying that it will be good. Do you bbt?? Just wondering if they were high?? Good luck! I have been thinking about you and I really hope that you get your BFP this month!!!:)

Talk to you this afternoon after I get the call!!:)

Anna leigh

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