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[QUOTE]I asked then how we would know if i ovulate which is why im ont he 50mg of Chlomid for 5 days and he said if my period comes on time then I probably did.[/QUOTE]

Hi Aymie, I really hate to contradict a dr, especially since I am certainly not RE told me that just because you have regular cycles (approx 28 days) does not necessarily mean you ovulate each month. So, I wonder why your dr would say that if your period comes on time it means you probably ovulated...It just makes me question it.

I know you have a ton on your plate with the wedding and all (SO exciting!!) and you are just seriously getting into the TTC game, but I would definitely recommend switching to an RE as soon as you can. They are just so much more knowledgable and proactive. They will monitor your cycle with U/S or B/W so that you KNOW whether or not you O'd for sure - none of that guessing game stuff. And if you're not ready for injectibles or IUI's or anything like that, you just tell them. They will not ask you to do anything you aren't ready for. After all, it's your life and your body, and they are just helping you acheive your dream. So don't be afraid to go thinking you will be jumping into the heavy artillery. You can still see an RE and not go gung ho. I've been seeing mine since September, and this month will be our first cycle of actual treatment.

Okay, enough rambling...just wanted to throw that out there. Take care! :wave:


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