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Re: Clomid
Feb 15, 2007
Sorry you are going through this and I do hope your Endocronologist knows what you are doing and you are staying in touch with him/her and the Reproductive Endocronologist as well. When everyone is on the same page it helps flow much better.

I have Grave's disease also an autoimmune disease I feel for you i truely do. I took Clomid even though I have ovulated since i was 14 years of age on time with no delay ever. Even get that damn pain in my side that the egg is on and painful it is I might add. Problem is just because we ovulate doesnt mean our eggs are strong enough. Or mature enough. I was ovulating on day 14 and ultra sound showed poor size eggs and estrodial was only about 117. FOr each egg you have that is mature my RE liked the Estrodial to be 200 or more. So I took clomid and did IUI with it and at day 14 eggs looked great and I did trigger shot on that day then day 16 came and estrodial was over 600 and something (i had 3 eggs sizes were all great too) and got pg. Obviosly the getting pregnant with first time IUI and clomid was a fluke not all get that lucky.

But i did use the drugs to help my poor eggs along and to give more follies as someone else mentioned as well. good luck with this honey and pLease take care of yourself with your Lupus.

hope this helped

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