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Re: Lap
Feb 7, 2007
Jsquared!! I am so sorry about that news. Endo just sucks!!!:mad: To be put on menopause for 6 months..I mean really couldn't they find another term for this so it doesn't sound so hard to hear. maybe call it minipause. yeah that would sound better. The docs need to be more creative in their term names.

The waiting is going to be tough for you but you can always stay here with us and we can support you when your feeling down. Maybe you can make some use of this time and go on a nice vacation with DH--spoil yourself a little you desearve it. I know it is hard to look on the bright side b/c your heart hurts but I am glad the know what is happening and if you didn't who knows how much longer you would be TTC and not get anywhere so in that sense it's good. To hear the word minipause and age 29 (b/c this is not permemant darnet!) in the same sentence is hard too but it is just for a bit and I bet you will get pregnant in a flash after that!!!!:blob_fire Once those 6 months fly by and you get a BFP you will look back on this time and be glad. SO I am praying that all this waiting will just seal the deal to your dreams of motherhood coming true!!!!
Re: Lap
Feb 7, 2007
Well, I just got off the phone with my RE. All the info about my lap was relayed through my husband before because I was still under the anesthetic. She told me it was a good thing we did the lap. She said my right fallopian tube and ovary were fused to my bladder. I can't believe this did not show when I got my HSG a while back. Thank God for the lap surgery. I asked her if I was a stage 5 in regards to endo and she said no she thinks I'm a 3. I will start Luperon next month. She said she wants to hit this hard (kind of scary) and get rid of all the endo. She says it can get rid of 90% of it and then once I am done with the Luperon Therapy in 6 months we can try. She said she has had many paitents get pregnant after this. I hope she is not just saying that to lift my spirits.
Re: Lap
Feb 7, 2007
Hey JSquared! Thank you so much for updating us. I am sorry to hear about your news, but I agree that it's definitly better than not finding anything and having no explanation. And it's great that you decided to do the surgery so that you didn't keep trying now that you know it probably wouldn't have happened with the endo.

Just a question, did you have any symptoms of endo? I don't seem to, and my Dr. hasn't suspected that, but I guess we will find out tomorrow.

I hope this 6 months goes by fast for you and you are able to get pregnant quickly after it is over with! Keep us updated! I will let you all know what I find out tomorrow at my surgery!


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