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Hi everyone! I have been reading this message board for a few weeks now. I have finally decided that I needed medical assistance in figuring out why I haven't gotten pregnant after 4 years with no birth control. I have always had irregular peroids and sometimes have gone 3-4 months without having a period. I am also unsure if I ovulate when I do have a period. My insurance does not cover Infertility, so I went to my gynecologist who has a special interest in infertility. He ordered Prolactin and Thyroid b/w, both which came back normal. We also had my DH get a SA which I found out today also came back normal.

My doctor prescribed me Provera to start AF and then prescribed me Femara to take CD 3-7 (5 mg per day). Today is CD 7 for me so tonight will be my last dose. I really hope this works.

Like so many of you, the thought of being unable to have children is devastating to me and I emotionally can't even go there. I am 24 years old and am so ready have a baby. Do you have any suggestions for me as to what I should do if the Femara doesn't work?

I am trying not to be pessimistic, but after four years of trying naturally, my hopes are not the highest. I think I'm just more scared than anything. Have any of you had success with Femara?

Even though you don't know me and I haven't posted on here previously, I do appreciate every one of you and your experiences have really encouraged me and given me some hope. I appreciate your time and look forward to your responses!

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