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DH & I just got back from my visit with my IVF coordinator and I am SOOOO excited!!!!!! Here is the deal for all those ladies who said they wanted "play by play" updates:)

I started the pill on Tuesday, January 30th and will be on it until Tuesday,
February 13th (2 weeks total). I should get a period within 3-1 days they said. I will call with day 1 of period and go for b/t & u/s.

I will start Lupron injections (10units) on February 13th and will continue 1 shot a day (in the morning) until the day of hcg trigger shot.

Based on the b/t & u/s they will tell me when to start stimming with Follistim. The dosage on the follistim will be 225 units:eek: !!!!!!! When I did IUI it was only 75!!!! So I can't even imagine how I will react to such a high dose. The nurse said the usual range for stimming is between 9-12 days. I will drop the Lupron dose to 5 units once a day. I will go in about every other day for b/t & u/s monitoring.

The day or two before hcg trigger we are to have intercourse and then can not until after you find out you are pregant (or not). This is done to help reduce the chance of infection from the retrieval, she said you need time to heal.

The hcg trigger is ovidrel in the stomach. Then I stop all shots (follistim and lupron).

The day after the hcg trigger, I can not have anything by mouth (food or water) after midnight until after the retrieval. I will also start Doxycyline (antibiotic) 2 times a day for 6 days to help prevent infection from retrieval.

The retrieval will be 2 days after the trigger shot. They said to plan on being at the IVF lab for about 4 hours. The actual retrieval is only about 10-15 minutes. I will have an IV sedation and she said you will not remember or feel anything (which is good!). I will be in post op for about 1 hour. Then go home and rest of the day. I will start progesterone in oil injections that night and will continue once a night until the beta test.

The day after the retrieval: IVF staff will call with fertilization information. Each egg that is retrieved will be injected with one sperm (ICSI). My fertility clinic does this as a standard protocol for everyone, not just people with male infertility factors. They said they have had higher success/fertilization rates since switching to this practice (which made me really happy since we do not have male fertility problemsbut get to still benefit from the protocol!). This same day I start Medrol pills (steriods) and will take 1 pill times a day. I will also start 1 baby aspirin a day.

Day before transfer: IVF lab will call with transfer day and time and further instructions.

Transfer day: Eat a light breakfast and drink 20 oz of fluid upon arrival to fill bladder 1 hour before transfer. After transfer, bed rest for 2 days mandatory, she said you could do a few more if you can take the time (I am going to do 4 because I have the sick days).

1 week after retrieval: progesterone blood test.

Beta blood test: 12 days after transfer.

I went to the pharmacy to get all my prescriptions tonight...OMG that is a whole lot of needles:dizzy:

So, that is the whole story ladies!!!!!! It looks like if all progresses well, we will find out if the cycle worked around March 25th:blob_fire I can only hope that this will be the cycle and I will have my little angel in December!!!!!:angel:

Sorry for the long post!
Today was the last day of my birth control pill. We also started the Lupron shots this morning. After my DH gave me the shot it was really red and was burning. I didn't think anything of it and left for work. Well as I was driving it started to welt up and got really blotchy and red. I started freaking out and I called my IVF coordinator. She said that it was not an allergic reaction because you have severe bone and joint pain, but it was a "local reaction". She told me to ice the spot before the shot, apply pressure after the shot, and then ice it and that should help. She said if it itches I can put hydrocortisone on it. I hope this doesn't happen every single time we do the shot. It wasn't that awful, but I just don't like to have "reactions";) So, now I am just waiting to get my period so I can start the Follistim shots.

Just wanted give you all an update on where I am at with this incredible journey!!!!! I wish everyone lots of luck with where you are at in your cycle an I hope that February and March will be HOT months with BFPs:blob_fire
Yet another IVF setback!!!!! I had awful pain at 11:44 pm on Wednesday evening. I was screaming and crying with pain. I was so nervous that what happened to me in December was happening again and that I would have to have surgery. I went into for an u/s and it appears that I have a 33mm cyst on my left ovary. My doctor thinks that I had another cyst that ruptured and that was why I had so much pain on Wednesday. He thinks that the bcp did not suppress my ovaries enough and I was growing follicles. So now I have to increase my lupron from 10 to 20 units a day. I go back on Thursday for b/t & u/s to see if it shrinks. If it does then we can start the Follistim shots. If it has not, we will have to stay on lupron until it shrinks!!!!! I started accupunture today and she worked on draining the cyst, so hopefully it will help. I will see her on Tuesday again. I am sure this is just the tip of the iceburg for setbacks, but I was so upset today. I just don't want to push back the cycle!
Thanks girls! You always help to cheer me up:)

My RE said that if the cyst shrinks by Thursday we can start the follistim, which would be on track for the protocol they gave me. Usually you have to wait for AF to come before starting the follisitim but my lining was really thin from the bcp so they said I don't have to wait for that. As long as the cyst shrinks to the right size we can move ahead. Now, if the cyst doesn't shrink, then I do have to stay on the lupron until it shrinks, which would add more time onto my protocol:( The good thing is, is that you don't have to cancel you can just stay on the lupron until you are ready to move onto the I guess that is a bright side to it! I would definitely write in pencil:D I can't wait for you to start your is so exciting!!!!! Hopefully all this stress will be worth it and we will get a BFP and can put all this behind us!
My IVF nurse called me and said that I actually ovulated while I was on the pill and lupron! My estrogen and progesterone were both elevated (the estrogen was the highest it has ever been, even when I was on Follistim...go figure). My RE said that I will most likely get my period within the next week. He said that this is very rare that this ovulation happens while on the suppression (which of course I am always that flippin exception!!!). I will go back on Wed. for another b/t and u/s. They assume by then everything will be calmed down. If I get AF before Wed, I will go in for the b/t & u/s earlier. She said that I shouldn't be too upset, it is just a setback and not the worst thing at all (easy for her to say...a week is like a lifetime). So, I guess all in all, I should be happy that I don't have to have surgery or cancel the cycle, but I am just bummed because I want to move on. Now I won't have my beta until APRIL!!!! Thanks for all your support and kind words, I couldn't do this without all of you, you're the best:angel:

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