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Jobeth, Hi i saw your post about Grave's disease on the thyroid forum. Please make sure you keep up with going to dr. about your TSH levels NEver ever assume you "ok" just because you have been fine for so long(i mean in the future). I too was on PTU(Propylthioricil)Is the safest thing to use while trying to get pregnant and while pregnant. Please make sure that that is the medicine you are on. Only drink water and dont eat junk food or drink caffiene. Your dh should also to do the same and he should take extra vitimin C along with his and your regular vitimins per day. If you are not on a vitimin please check with RE and start one that they recomend with Folic acid. If your levels are fine while on PTU then you are in remission right now and if you get pregnant please make sure they keep checking your levels to make sure that your levels are within normal range. IF you go to high on the levels there is a possibility of misscariage so they will tell you to get off medicine or lower the dosage. This is normal and can save for baby. PTU ISNOT a drug to stay on for life it is only to normalize you and hten you are gradually taken off of it to see if you stay in remission on your own. If your levels stay normal while off of medicne then you are in "remission" on your own and will be checked about every 3 months if they say 12 months then YOU make sure you are checked every 3months. Grave's disease is tricky and when you have a cold/flu or any virus it can be kicked out of remission at any time. I was in remission from 5/05 untill just this past month. I had a cold in december and was kicked out of remission due to that. I am currently waiting to see if it drops lower and if so i willgo back on med's. Please try to keep bathrooms and lightswitches and doorknobs clean so as not to get sick too often. Good luck with this and please please make sure your reproductive endo knows you have thyroid issues and yoru OB does as well. Every dr. you will ever encounter will always have to knowthat you have had this disease and that your mom has Hashi's. Your children will also have to know eventually becuase this is a disease that is passed on some get it some dont and it can hapen when they are veyr young or when they are older. I am 33 and my mom didnt have anything but my uncle and Grandma did but different type of thyroid issues. It doesnt matter what thyroid problem they had I did get the disease either way. Also you can relapse after baby is born so please make sure you get checked 6 weeks post pardum and about 6months post pardum then 12 motnhs. Then when ever your dr. feels nessesary or if you feel symptoms come on. I wish you luck. I figured even though you posted in the thyroid forum you would see this first so just wnated to inform you. I did fertilty treatment as well to get pregnant with 2nd and 3rd children. 4th was after I was in remission for 7months. Thyroid disease no matter which one it is Hyper or Hypo will and can cause fertilty issues. I was told my eggs were poor due to the thyroid screwing up my hormones. and eggs didnt mature well enough but Clomid /IUI and gonalf/IUI helped that. But when i was in remission for 7months i was told i couldnt get pregnant due to thyroid so we didnt even think of it. Well funny thing was I was ableto get pg on my own and told my re that I knew for sure it was that my thyroid was doing this. Make sure you levels are good at about 1.6TSH level to get pregnant either through IVF or on your own. if you had thyroid issues that you didnt even know about that is most likely one of the reason s why you werent getting pregnnat no matter what dr's have said to you. It is a proven fact that hyperthyroid can cause infertilty just as hypo does.

good luck honey!

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