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Hi Dana. The RE had not yet done a SA on DH. The reason is b/c we just met with this RE this past Monday. I was just at a point in my cycle where I wanted him to start doing b/w and u/s to see where we were and if we could go ahead with the IUI if it appeared I was going to ovulate. He said that we would wait and do the SA the day of the IUI to keep DH from having to give two samples so close together. I think that he thought it was DH b/c when we were ttc #1, we had a SA done and best we could remember his numbers were lower than normal. They were getting the results from the doctor who performed the SA but I don't know if they had them yet, as of today.

RE basically wasn't convinced that I wasn't ovulating like obgyn had thought, so he thought that one of the other reasons that we have been having trouble conceiving #2 is b/c DH had lower than normal numbers. I don't know. If it doesn't happen this month, I will be upset b/c I will be worried then that maybe something is blocked or that my lining is no good, or something. I am pretty sure that I ovulated and I also did the trigger shot yesterday morning, so my fingers are crossed. I have been praying all day long!!:)

Thanks for all the encouraging words and comments everyone!!:) You are all so nice!!

Anna Leigh

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