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Tammy so sorry you are going through this. Nothing is perfect and even ifyou timed it to the second it dosnt mean it would happen. Just a brief summery about what happen to me. I personally have hyperthyroidism(Grave's disease), i was on meds levels were ok when I tried clomid and sex and it didnt work. Then next cycle we did clomid and IUI and eggs were 24/24/18 (i had three). My RE was always great and encouraging BUT not over board either. Never ever negative! My first time with the clomid IUI worked! Sperm wash was "ok" and my eggs wereok too.

Well we were told that if we were to have another taht we should try after the baby was breast fed so if it was going to take a long time we would have a head start. Well when baby(i only had one through that pregnancy) was about 5months we started to try again with clomid/iui and did it 4 times and 4 times saddened because i thought it would work. Dr. was great and always patted me on the back and said it's up to God and the right timing now(i'm catholic so she knew what to say). We stopped and took a break on the 5th month and the 6th month went to GonalF(injectable) and IUI and I again had 3 great follies and i got pregnant with that (1baby). If you are uncomfortable then leave and seek another. NEver ever stay because you feel you have to take your records and go.

My RE didnt like going past 4 clomid cycles but some do 6 everyone is different. Have you had your thyroid checked? Has dh and had his testosterone checked? Do you drink to much soda or coffee and not get enough water?(water is hte best way to keep juices flowing for cervical mucus) Dh should drink water only as well, it keeps seman at it's best for sperm. Does he take vitimins? Does he take extra vitimin C? Do you take a vitimin with folic acid? do you and he eat right? All of these could make a difference. Not saying they will but they did for us and people we know. My last child i got pregnant with was on myown. We realized that my thyroid was finally at it's best in remission and body finally went back to normal. (I have a child from when i was 21 without any problems) but 2nd and 3rd are from the fertility drugs.

I hope this helps you . Please make sure you get a 2nd opinion this doesnt sound right, it sounds like they want numbers and not what is in your best interest. Also becarful because RE's will do IVF and if they have more than two babies will suggest to you to have a "reduction" they call it now a days. Yeah right! They want you to abort one because it is to risky and they put in their report twins instead of the original you had as triplets. Please think about staying with this group. Nothing is perfect and just because you had clomid and great follies mean jack poop. The dr. wants to push the IVF so that's what their doing.

Good luck, keep dh informed of everything that is going on so you are both on the same page and he understands why you are so upset. It really helps men understand the crying and anger when they know why. Hugs

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