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Never give up! BFP
Feb 12, 2007
I can't believe I got my BFP this morning!!!! This was our 12th month of trying. We had been to a fertility specialist, DH's sperm test came back 1% morphology, we were told we were going to need IVF/ICSI. AS he was telling us this, we were pregnant!!!!! There was literally almost no hope for us and it happened, NATURALLY!!!

God really does have his own plan.

The only things different this month was that I spotted very slightly the day I ovulated and then the day after I had one clump of jelly like cm. Like none I'd ever seen before but if I hadn't been looking, I'd never know. Only 1 clump. BBs started hurting 3dpo, but they always do, I started with cramps at around 9-10 dpo. I normally start those earlier but I was just convinced that AF was coming, especially given the news we just got! Then I was just late! I didn't test until today which is 16dpo and its very dark!!!!

God willing the bean will stick and the baby will be due on Oct 19th. DHs birthday!!!

Never give up hope girls, if this happened to me, it will happen to you too!!!


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