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Hi everyone.

I am in my 2ww from doing my first IUI. Dh and I saw the RE for the first time the Monday before the IUI on Friday, so we haven't been with him long at all. He had our history from previous dr.'s and we talked with him for a while on first appt. I was really excited and we didn't want to miss this month so we decided to start in with the b/w and u/s and that led us to making our first IUI appt. last Friday. (Sorry for those of you who already knew that about me, I just wanted to remind you all for my questions.):)

I was really excited after my IUI, even though I was nervous. But, I am starting to feel defeated way too early. See here's the deal... the day (cd17) that I woke up and was supposed to do my trigger shot (ovidrel), my temp. was up to 98.3. The previous morning it was only 97.2. I called the nurse and she said to go ahead w/ the trigger b/c ovulation is a process and as of the day before my b/w showed I wasn't entering the process yet and this morning I was probably just starting it and that is why my temp. jumped. Did the trigger and went ahead w/ scheduled IUI for next day. My temp was 98.1 the day of the IUI.

Here's why I am starting to feel defeated. I have been having AF like cramps on and off today. They aren't bad but I still notice them. My temp. was only 97.7 this morning. It usually drops to 97.7 the day that AF arrives. Today is only cd21. I am just wondering what you all think about the temps... am I putting too much focus on them?? Also, can I be having AF like cramps this early b/c of the IUI?? I know that the day I had my u/s my follies were only at like 12 or so and I had one that they were unsure was actually a follie at 17. That was three days before IUI. I have read some of your posts where you talk about follie size and how they aren't ready for ovulation yet.

I don't know if any of what I have posted has made sense but I am just not wanting to foolishly even begin to think that this IUI may have worked. We can afford to do the IUI one more time, as our insurance covers none of it!!:mad: DH's count was really, really good and I just don't want to be the reason that it didn't work!! I know that I don't know it didn't work yet but I am just feeling defeated and need some advice from you all. You all seem to know so much more than I do b/c you have been with RE's longer. Could he have missed it in my b/w and I ovulated before the trigger?? If so, what does that do to my body and hormones?? Could that be why I am already feeling like AF is on her way? I just don't want to be shocked if she comes in the next couple of days.

I am so sorry this post was so long. Any insight would be helpful.:)

Thanks, Anna Leigh

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