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I just had my day 21 progestrone blood test to see if i ovulated this month? does anyone know anything about this? ... I cant find any info.

Hi Dana, I had this test last month. According to everything I could see online (and others having the test at the same time) they like to see a lvel of 10+ in a non-assisted cycle. I had a level of 62 or so and never could compare this to the 10 or so I was expecting to hear although my Dr told me it was a good rate, consistent with ability to conceive in that cycle. You should get your results in a few days I think and then you can come back and tell us and we can see if we can decipher them with you!

Good luck x
HI Want to be a mom,

The 21 day progesterone test is to see how much progesterone you have in yor body after a possible implantation of the egg. They are determining if your levels are high enough for implantation to occur and if not they will give you progesterone pills. Mine were always normal but they put me on progesterone vaginal supp just to give me a little extra. Good luck!!! When the nurse calls w/ results you can ask her w/ more detail.
Thanks Ladies,

I should know today so I will keep you posted!

Hey Dana. I know that I am a little late on this but I have been busy at work and not enough time to stay on the boards. I think that everyone has answered your question but I wanted to respond to you since you were so nice to respond to my questions.

I have had the prog. level cd 21 test many times. It is to check to see if you produced enough progesterone, which shows whether or not you had satisfactory ovulatory production or not. The bad thing about this test is the timing. If the RE scheduled it on cd21 without paying attention to when you ovulated, the results will be inconclusive. With me, the test was always done too early, like six days too early. That made my results always be too low. If you ovulate around cd14 then, cd21 will be just fine for you.

Good luck!! Oh, by the way, they say they want your number to be around 10 but my new RE said that reallly any number over a 3 means satisfactory ovulatory production. When we were ttc#1, I had two months where they checked this and the first month (wasn't pg.) number came back a 6. The second month (was pg. and didn't know it) number came back a 55.:) That was the beginning of my exciting journey of bringing home DD!!

Anna Leigh
Anna Leigh,

Thank you so much for the feedback, and the story about your DD ... lets hope I get some where around 55 ... maybe that'll mean the IUI worked.

Thanks again and I'll let you know what the nurse says as soon as she calls!!!!


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