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It is lovely but every island has its own special beauty.Well I guess u have to keep ur promise and go,you will not regret it.Hopefully like u said with tot in tow.I really hope u get ur BFP soon Kari it is just ashame we have to go through this much longer without BFP.We so deserve BFP's all of us here.So how are the shots going?I had my last pill of clomid today.I am starting to feel very slight ovulation pain.Anyway we will know the verdict on Sunday when I go in for day 12 u/s and b/w.Well the bad thing is I have a long week at work next week the morning girl is going on vacation for a week and I have to work 10 hr days.So also having iui on Monday and Tuesday that will be fun.I just let the other girl I have an appt those 2 days that I cant cancel and I will have to leave for an hour and a half.She said thats fine just let the boss know.Well she told him today for me thank god and he was cool with it dident question me at all.

Oh, I didn't realize your last clomid pill was today, always good to be thru the meds! The shots are going great, thx for asking... I've learned to self-administer! :eek: I worry the dose may not be strong enough though. We'll see how everything looks on Monday, I presume. I think we'll go natural rather than IUI just for this cycle, either way looks like you and I are gonna be entering this 2WW wait together! Here's hoping Sunday gets here soon and the U/S shows some big beautiful follicles for you to work with. I'm feeling it for you Mapia, I really think you've got a good shot here. I'll pray for us both. :angel: So off to try and get some rest... 3 more days and then I'm back home!

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