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well i guess if i had a 28 day cycle she would be visiting next tuesday. But the truth is since i never ovulate i normally get it after 6 weeks or so. Having said that we are hoping the chlomid works and either i get pregnant or get my period. The dr had said if i get my period by day 35 then given my history it means i ovulated. BUT at day 28 you bet your tush on it that i will be taking one of those lovely tests!!!! I go back to the dr day 30 at which point we will either be really happy im pregnant OR will be figuring out what the course of action will be for next month and getting the names of REs for future. I think no matter if i come back BFN then he will want me to wait to day 35 to see if she comes by herself and if not ill start the provera again.

and yes its all psychological but gosh i dont know how you people do it every month. I mean im assuming ill be in your shoes at some point but at every little twinge in my stomach im thinking (gosh what if???)

We as my doctor calls it "had relations" most days before day 17 but since then FI has been on call every night and we havent been able to so hopefully if I did ovulate then it wasnt late.

I keep thinking though... Oh my gosh should i be doing this or eating that because what if i actually am??? and i know i shouldnt get my hopes up because the dr actually said to me he does NOT think the chlomid will work for me (but that stranger things have happened).

thats my long winded answer to your short question

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