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That sounds great, Michelle, for your IUI!! A lining of 9.2 is good. I am not sure what my lining was on the day of the IUI. My RE doesn't check that or either they didn't tell me, if they did. That is one of the things I have been worried about. My lining 3 days before the IUI was at like 5 or 6. I hope that it got thicker before the IUI or at least before implantation needed to occur. I can't say that I am really having any symptoms. Some of the things I feel, like nausea and dizziness, I feel most of the time anyway. So, I can't quite consider them symptoms. Now, I did have cramping at 10dpiui, which I took to mean that AF was on her way and I was devasted that day, but the cramping has since gone away and only came back for a couple of hours last night. It keeps going away though, not the usual way that the cramping does me for AF. It is also 14 days past my temp shift, which is a longer luteal phase for me. But, I don't know if that would have anything to do with the trigger shot. I did the trigger shot on the morning of my temp shift, per RE's instructions. We did the IUI the next day.

I will call Friday morning if no AF. Are you going to HPT or go in for a beta?? Good luck to you. :)

Anna Leigh

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