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Hi Everyone,

I hate to add to the downers this morning but AF has decided to show -- right on time mind you :mad: if only the rest of my life was so perfectly scheduled!!!

I am so frustrated but surprisingly it isnt coming out in anger or sadness ... instead I am like a mad women on a mission .I am soo determined to do ANYTHING this cycle... Here are my plans so far:

Drink red raspberry leaf tea up to ovulation
Vitex supplement up to ovulation
shot of wheat grass daily
stay away from sugar and dairy
eat lots of veggies and fruits
no caffeine or alcohol
Prenatal vitamin every day (been doing this)
drink 8 glasses of water a day
walk 30 minutes a day
sleep 8 hours a day
yoga twice a week
acupuncture once a week (starting tomorrow)
BD every other day starting day 5 and then refrain on day 12 and 13, IUI prob days 14 & 15 and then every day for 5 days after.

After IUI cut down on most of these things and try to sit as still as possible for the first few days!!!

AM I CRAZY??? Whew I feel like it but this is so hard and frustrating month after month that I want to maximize my chances I want to know that I did everything in my power!!! The rest is not up to me I guess.

Thank for letting me vent.


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