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Hi everyone, I am a newcomer and have been reading messages on this board for a week now. Although I’ve never posted any messages or replies, I already felt the warmth and support offered by you ladies. :)

I had my first IUI on Feb 9 and was very hopeful until signs of AF has been showing since yesterday (12dpo) – spotting and cramps…urgh. Right after the IUI, my breasts were very much bloated, but until 3 days ago, the bloating was "miraculously" gone when I woke up in the morning!!! So I knew things weren’t looking good. :( 

A little background on myself. I am 42 already. My daughter has just turned 9. We’ve been TTC for DD for 3 years and I was pregnant when we practically gave up! Since then, we’ve been TTC #2, although not very aggressively. Nothing happened and we were so busy with our work that it never occurred to me that we might be facing secondary infertility.

Anyway, my sister got pregnant with her second IVF 4 months ago and it just struck me then that perhaps we should get professional help as well. Shame we didn’t think of that earlier.

Well, now that my first IUI failed, I will have to call RE and start the next cycle.

Sorry if this is a bit too long but it feels good to have someone to share. ;) I’m so glad to have found this board.


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