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Re: IVF girls
Feb 25, 2007
***- I did spare myself a lot of money since I have never tried clomid or anything. But I don't know why exactly my doctor never wanted to try it just to try it since NOTHING else was working. I asked him if I could and he said something about it making my lining thinner and more likely to miscarry. I remember wanting to try it anyway just for the off chance that maybe it would work. I am like you in that I have never gotten pregnant. I've never seen a positive pregnancy test. I actually stopped buying pregnancy tests about two years ago, it was just too depressing every month thinking that maybe it would happen. Of course I thought it would be easy too! Yeah right!!:dizzy:

Cmarie-That's so great! You will know whether you are pregnant the end of March, I will know pretty shortly into April actually right around my birthday, and *** will know end of April! YAY!! I hope it happens for us!!:eek: Oh, I got married a month before you, we will be married for five years this coming June 1st.

Oh and my doctor wants to transfer two on day five also! Yay!!

Re: IVF girls
Mar 14, 2007
:p cmarie- I should be starting my period any day now, it's one day late already and I know I'm not pregnant because I took a pregnancy test. My injections for my ivf cycle start on day 2 of my cycle, so I'm getting a little impatient. My doctor told me she wanted me to do a day five transfer if my embryos make it, so I'm not positive, but I know that is the plan. Once I start my period and go in for my day 2 ultrasound and E2 test I should get my official ivf calender. I'm so excited!:eek:

Wow, and I can't believe 18 are growing and dividing!! Things could NOT be going any better for you. Congratulations!!! Are you going to be freezing any for the future? We want to freeze some if we have any to.

Re: IVF girls
Mar 18, 2007
cmarie- I go in for my next ultrasound and E2 blood test on Thursday. They said after that they will have me going in everyother day to everyday. My shots went pretty well lastnight. I was pretty nervous about it. They really didn't hurt too much. One of them, the Menopur, stung pretty bad as I pushed the medicine through. I am going to try and push it through slower tonight.

I hope you end up with twins too! My husband and I are wishing for the same thing. Sure would be nice to get two babies off of one pregnancy. We've worked this hard for it, I think we deserve it.


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