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Re: IVF girls
Mar 17, 2007
Hi Cmarie. I am so excited for you too. This has got to be the most wonderful day - the day your embies come home to their implanting spot to stick and grow for a long long time. I hope everything goes well. i can't wait to hear about it. You've been so brave through all of this. Congratulations!
How long does your RE recommend PIO shots? mine has said several weeks of daily PIO shots and up to 10 weeks of Crinone. just wondering what others do.

Thank you all who responded to cheer me up from yesterday. by the time i got home, the roads here were covered in ice and snow. i was just so glad to get home in one piece. i told DH all I wanted was a peaceful night and some french fries drowned in ketchup for dinner. so he baked some up for me in the oven to indulge my crabby mood. since we don't eat meat on fridays during lent it was an easy solution :)
For those who asked, I am still OK to start IVF next cycle. It should have been this cycle I am in now but with the blood pressure issues and the weaning off the dex, we had to wait. But my cardiologist spoke with my RE yesterday while I was there and they both agreed that I should start a low-dose beta blocker and will be monitored throughout the IVF cycles and pg. So I am taking a drug called Toprol. On Monday I take my last dex pill and then I am free of that. I go back this Friday for a blood pressure check and have to do blood work this week as well - they are also checking my thyroid. and then I wait for AF to come, hopefully sometime in the last week of March and then IVF here I come. Kathy I hope we are cycling together. I am not doing the bcp protocol, I think I am doing the luteal lupron protocol. at least that's what we discussed last time. i guess i'll know more when i get back in to see the RE.
Good luck to everyone in this crazy IVF circus:dizzy:

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