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Re: IVF girls
Feb 28, 2007
Hi Cmarie! I am so happy to hear your good news. It is so awesome that you can move forward. You and DH must be so happy. Bring on the stims! Let's grow many many follies. this was a good day after all!
I was hoping to get around the sonohysterogram because I already had a clear HSG and a clear lap, plus a D&C, an endometrial biopsy and a tubal lavage. but this nurse tried to explain to me that it is a little different because it is looking at the surface of the uterine lining, not so much tubes or for cysts or fibroids or such. so i guess it is just one more thing they want to check before i move on. they do it at the same time as the cervical cultures and mock transfer so i guess while i'm up there with the ol' legs spread wide and the spot light shining on my nether regions i might as well let him poke around some more. good grief.

Hi Mapia.

Although my family is Italian as far back as we can trace the family tree I have not made it there yet. i am hoping to bring my parents some day before they get too old, but right now my grandmother is an invalid and my mother had to quit her job to stay home and take care of her 24 hours a day so they won't be traveling anywhere until.....well you know. so i still have hope.
Re: IVF girls
Mar 26, 2007
Hey Carisa,
That is crazy, I was only stimming for 8 days too! It did go very fast, I was so happy:) I would be very happy with 14 follicles, my RE said that 10 is the average, so looks like you are good! I had 36 follicles in my last u/s. At the retrieval, they retrieved 25 eggs. I was extremely stimulated and my ovaries were so large that they were larger than my uterus!!!! So I was definitely feeling the "pain" from that;) It is just starting to get better, thank goodness! I wouldn't worry if I were you about the hyperstimulation. Are you feelling any symptoms of hyperstim? To answer your question, each follicle will give you only 1 egg, sometimes there is not a viable egg inside the follicle though. My beta is Thursday, March 29th so only 3 days to go!!!!!

How did your trigger shot go last night? Well, I hope! Tomorrow is the big day:blob_fire :blob_fire :blob_fire :blob_fire Make sure you keep me posted!

Golds- My RE gave me that same piece of advice for making the shots better! We ice the area for about 10 or so minutes with an icepack. Then I lay on my bed on my stomach and he gives me the shot. Right after, he massages the spot really well and then I sit with a heating pad for about 15 minutes. It helps TREMENDOUSLY!!!! I barely even feel the needle go in!! It really is a lifesaver;)


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