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Holly - i really feel good about this for you. i think it is an incredible opportunity. and i think it couldn't have been presented to a better couple. i just am so happy that if you do it you will be able to have a little less worry about the finances too. if that is what makes it possible then i truly think this idea was sent to you from above.

now if you want to hear something really embarrassing, here goes. when i was in my old RE's office once, there was a lady freaking out about giving blood because she said her "cream" had worn off because the doc took too long to draw her blood. i asked her what in the world she was talking about and she told me she uses a cream called topicaine. it is like the emla that Jona posted about. it is a numbing cream, and she puts it on before her shots and blood draws. so i thought, hey i should try it, so i ordered it, and was going to use it for the HCG shots and PIO shots which go in my rear, and when i read the package it made a reference to using it for numbing the area around your anus and rectum. so i burst out laughing because i was thinking of people using it for sexual purposes and here i am going to use it for a needle. DH was like, oh my god what are you ordering? so i figured i am probably on some crazy mailing list now of sexual products. but it does numb my butt which helps me tremendously with the HCG and PIO shots. so i use it anyway. true story.:p

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