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Dr appt
Mar 1, 2007
well... as predicted (again), i did not ovulate from the chlomid. He did a sonogram and saw that my lining was only a 5, my right ovary was a bit enlarged and i have no signs of getting my period. (im at cd30) He took some blood just to make sure im not PG but he said its really not possible with my lining.

He also said the reason i come up positive everyday with the OPKs is because the PCOS causes my LH levels to always be surged. Needless to say it wasnt a great visit.

My FI did not like the gyn. He said I should do another month starting with the provera and then the chlomid at 100mg for days 5-9 plus he gave me the names of 2 REs in the area. My FI doesnt really want me taking more CHlomid since the GYN told me it most likely wont work without having seen an RE. So we made a deal... Ill call first thing tomorrow morning and see how quickly they can get me in. If its within the next 2 weeks Ill wait... otherwise I think Ill start the meds. FI knows a lot being a dr himself but he doesnt know everything and definately does not specialize in this...

he said the RE may choose to go with Chlomid but most likely Ill need injections. Then I asked if I do injections will I be able to have timed intercourse or will they do IUI and he said if they get me to ovulate on those meds they will probably want me to do the IUI since "its kind of pointless to pump yourself up with all that stuff and then not go the whole way"

So i guess Ill know more tomorrow morning when I make those calls. Im a bit bummed to be honest and most especially will be if the FI really insists I dont take the CHlomid. But i understand where hes coming from and how hed rather me talk to an RE. As much as the dr told me that he didnt thinkt he CHlomid would work... i still had a little hope.

Anyway I kept the rest of my night busy working on my adorable rehearsal dinner invites... theyre so cute! At worst I know I only have to wait 57 days till after the honeymoon to start really really working on this... but you guys know what its like. i just want to start doing everything and anything now.

thats my huge novel. sorry so long

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