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Aymie Congrats!!! I hope you have a healthy 9 months!! Thats so wonderful that the clomid worked for you! My testostrone was elevated but not really high, I think I only have mild PCOS, but im not sure. I have always had irregular periods- which is what lead to finding out I don't ovulate. Things that I think may be from the PCOS is acne and severe oiliness, some mild facial hair growth, and the anovulation. Occassionally Ill have a really bad period where the cramps are almost unbearable to the point that im throwing up bc it hurts so bad. But other than those thats it. They said Im not insulin resistant and im not overweight.

Lori- I think they may have just skipped the trigger shot to make me ovulate bc they didn't think it was good enough at only 14.5mm. It was really slow growing so maybe theres no egg in it? I duno but I started the provera yesterday- which was kinda depressing bc I had a ton of EWCM but that im going to blame on Mucinex that id been taking bc of a cold. Thats another thing- if your sick will your follies grow slower? Hopefully next month will turn out better! Thanks for your help girls!

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