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I am taking my first cycle of Clomid 50g (CD5-9). My RE does tons of monitoring....and at my last u/s (last Wednesday), I had one big follie that had grown to 26. This was great news since I have been treating a pituitary tumor and PCOS for a year with no luck in getting ovulation or AF. Doing the clomid actually "woke up" my system!

Here is my doctor told me to do the trigger shot last Wednesday night after seeing the 26mm follie, which I did. And he said to BD on Friday & Sunday. But - on Thursday (the day after the shot), I had a ton of EWCM...but by Friday, there was only a little...and by Saturday, barely any. I am convinced that I must have ovulated Thursday??? But the RE said it wouldn't be until Friday. Is 26 big enough for the follie that I could have ovulated on my own? Does the trigger shot really not cause ovulation until almost 2 days later?? I am stressed b/c I would have BD on Thursday to get a head start, but my hubby was stuck in Toronto b/c of a big snow storm...he got home Friday. We made sure to BD on Friday night (and Sunday)...but now I am in the 2ww, and I can't help but feel like its worthless and we didn't BD at the right time. Help...does anyone know more details about this type of timing. Do we really still have a chance if we didn't BD until Friday. Also - we did BD on Tuesday morning before he left...could that have helped?? Sorry if this is too much information!! Thank you.

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