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Hi everyone. I just got back from my cd12 b/w and u/s and my HSG at the hospital. The HSG was first and it went, well let's just say, TERRIBLE!!! My RE couldn't even do it. For some reason, the speculum wouldn't go far enough into my cervix to inject the dye. He tried it a hundred different ways and made me VERY uncomfortable and it wouldn't go in far enough. He wasted two things of dye that just eventually all fell out onto the floor. DH was w/ me and that helped things b/c when I felt like I was going to get sick on the table, he fanned me and held my hand. :eek: I am just so upset that it didn't work, after all the prep. that you do and after how nervous I was. RE said that it appeared that my uterus was tilting funny and that the freezing procedure I had done about six years ago was impeding him to get through. He said that the IUI speculum is much thinner and bends easier so that is why it went through, w/ no problems. To say the least, I am disappointed.:(

At b/w and u/s, RE did the u/s for my nurse and he did say that I have a good follie on my left ovary. He says that he will do this cycle w/ me and and one other w/ Femara and then if I don't get pg., he wants to do laproscopic surgery. He is a little suspicious that I might have some scar tissue in my tubes or uterus b/c I ran a fever during delivery of DD, and he thinks that I could have developed an infection then, leaving some scar damage. UGH!!

But, I have not lost hope that it will happen either this month or next! My question to you all is... RE is recommending IUI this month and next w/ Femara b/c he says that increases our chances by double, but we had already told him that we couldn't do it this month b/c insurance doesn't cover it. He said to really think about it b/c in my situation, he thinks it will help. What do you all think? If there is indeed scarring is the IUI ever going to work, until the scarring were to be removed?? I am wondering if we should just save our money this month and next by doing timed intercourse, and then do the lap, if need be, and the do an IUI after that, if there was removed scar tissue or we get an "all clear" for my tubes and uterus.

What do you all think? I know it is our decision but I just want to see what you guys think, since some of you may have been down this road. RE said that he definately feels that he will get DH and I pg. again, but we might have to take the more difficult route to get there.

Thanks for listening.

Anna Leigh

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