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Re: HPT after IVF
Mar 8, 2007
Hi Suewaz,

I completed two IVF cycles and always HPT'ed the evening before my beta (the blood pregnancy test that they do at your RE's). I wanted to prepare myself for any possible disappointment the following day, since I'd get my test results while at work.

My rationale behind testing the evening before was that the trigger shot was definitely out of my system, and this would be the time that anyone else doing an HPT -- that is, anyone who didn't have fertility problems -- would be HPT-ing. (My beta was scheduled 17 days post retrieval -- which, with IVF, I knew to be 17 days post-conception since an IVF conception date is the day of retrieval. The day of retrieval is the same day that the lab puts eggs and sperm together. With a completely natural cycle -- assuming a perfect cycle -- ovulation would occur around day 14 and conception shortly thereafter -- so you could HPT about 2 weeks after that.) I figured this would give me a pretty accurate read on the HPT in that my odds of a false positive or false negative would pretty much be the same as anyone else not undergoing fertility treatments -- Small chance of false negative and an even smaller chance of a false positive. (By the way, I can recall a few ladies on this board who HPT'd right before their betas and they got BFN -- only to find out the following day that they were pregnant. But that didn't seem to happen often and I figured I'd rather think that I wasn't pregnant and be surprised with a positive beta than not be prepared for potential bad news the following day.)

I can say that my HPT's were accurate both times. My 1st cycle was a bust -- I got a BFN on the HPT and BFN with my beta. My 2nd cycle worked, and my HPT the evening before was a BFP (with beta BFP, too). I don't know if my rationale has holes in it or not -- but that was my thinking anyways. Hope that helps!

By the way, I agree with Sillygirl that I think it takes at least 12-14 days for the trigger shot to be out of your system, but you also need to think about giving your body enough time to produce HCG if you are pregnant (As you know, an HPT measures the amount of HCG in your blood). If you test too early, and you are pregnant, you might not have given your body enough time to produce levels of HCG that can be picked up by an HPT. At a minimum, I would wait at least 14 or 15 days post retrieval to test (which, based on your retrieval date of Feb. 26th, would mean you'd HPT around March 12th or 13th.)

Whatever you decide to do, I wish you lots of luck -- I sincerely hope you get your BFP!!!

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