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I was wondering if you were put on any estrogen supplement (either pills or patches) when you did your fresh IVF cycle. If so, when did you start the supplement?

Also, could you share your estrogen levels with me. I just went for an u/s & b/t on Wed. (after being on Follistim 225 for 6 days) and I had 19 follicles that measured from 14mm to 9.5mm. My estrogen was only 641 (which the nurse said was on the "low side", "but don't worry because it is over 500"????) So I am a little concerned, but I am not sure what it is supposed to be at.

Last questions...I am having a lot of CM (sorry WAY TMI!) late last night and today, exactly how I get when I ovulate so I don't know what is going on with that???? I am on 5 units of lupron so I don't know? (Just a little background...When I was on the pill and the lupron shots at the beginning of this cycle, I ended up ovulating anyways so I am worried that I am doing it again!)

Any insights, advice, etc. would be greatly appreciated! This roller coaster ride is just exhausting!!!!!!!!

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