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I'm throwing this out there because I am now making myself crazy! I had my 3rd IUI 2 weeks ago Monday. This past Wed I noticed that I am [B]quite[/B] sore around the nipple area. Sorry if this is too much info but, I really want to hear what you all think. I want so desperately to think this is "a sign". Yet, I also know the progesteron supositories can cause pg symptoms. For the first 2 IUIs I had some soreness at the very last moment before the test and then BFNs. But, I am significantly more sore this time and earlier. I have asked some friends who have been pregnant and most say it is just oo early. Followed with "bless your heart" I soooo hate that! :mad: It's the nice southern way of saying you poor thing. Yet, I have found articles on the internet that say otherwise about tenderness. Has anyone experienced early tenderness like this? And how did it turn out in the end?

I know I'll know sometime Monday as I have "the" blood test in the am and then wait for "the call". I just hate that I may be setting myself up.


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