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Hey girls,

I just wanted to start a new thread. I am so excited I am finally having my FET tomarrow Friday,March 16th. I am so ready to get this done and have a pregnancy test. I shure hope it works. This is my first FET. I had IVF in 2002 and it was successful. They transferred two and both took and I now have twin boys. They are the lights of my life. I just hope I can give them the expeirence of having a little brother or sister. One of my boys keeps telling me he wants two. I am only transferring one,in fear of having twins again. But that is too sweet. And the other one tells me he wants a baby sister. Its so cute when he says it. It doesn't matter to me what we have as long as it works and is healthy.

I will keep everyone posted on how it goes and any results I may get. I will probably take a HPT after a week. So I will post the results I get then, but my blood test will be 10 days after the FET. Keep everything crossed it works!!!!!!!!!!

Good luck to the other girls going through FET.I hope you get yours and they are healthy.

Asprousey, I was wondering if you were having you FET today. I remember you were suppose to have it on the 15th, I shure hope everything is still on schedule. I will be praying for you.....:angel:

April Key
Hi Ladies,

Sorry I havent posted in a while. I had taken a home pregnancy test and you all know that it was positive. My first beta was real low only 12,10 days after my transfer. They told me that they thought it wasnt going to be a viable pregnancy. They had me come in three days later and test again and my levels had dropped to below 0. So it implanted then stopped developing :confused:. I had a really hard time with the news at first,but I am doing better now.
I went ahead and started a new FET cycle on Monday. So I will be giving it another go around. We have three embryos left. So I may even trasfer two this time. If I have twins again so be it. God wont give me more than I can handle.
Congradulations to you CMarie for you BFP!! You had great beta's,that is so wonderful. I bet you are so excited. Have you heard about ASPROUSEY,has she had any news yet??Congrats to all the ladies with BFP and good luck with you pregnancies....


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