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Hey girls,

I just wanted to start a new thread. I am so excited I am finally having my FET tomarrow Friday,March 16th. I am so ready to get this done and have a pregnancy test. I shure hope it works. This is my first FET. I had IVF in 2002 and it was successful. They transferred two and both took and I now have twin boys. They are the lights of my life. I just hope I can give them the expeirence of having a little brother or sister. One of my boys keeps telling me he wants two. I am only transferring one,in fear of having twins again. But that is too sweet. And the other one tells me he wants a baby sister. Its so cute when he says it. It doesn't matter to me what we have as long as it works and is healthy.

I will keep everyone posted on how it goes and any results I may get. I will probably take a HPT after a week. So I will post the results I get then, but my blood test will be 10 days after the FET. Keep everything crossed it works!!!!!!!!!!

Good luck to the other girls going through FET.I hope you get yours and they are healthy.

Asprousey, I was wondering if you were having you FET today. I remember you were suppose to have it on the 15th, I shure hope everything is still on schedule. I will be praying for you.....:angel:

April Key
Hi April!

Congratulations on the FET!!!!! This must be so exciting. How wonderful that your IVF worked and both embryos took to give you little twin boys:blob_fire :blob_fire :blob_fire That is so inspiring to hear! I am doing my first IVF cycle right now. The transfer is on Saturday (day 5 transfer) we will also be putting back two! I could only hope for twins:angel:

Why did you decide to only do 1 embryo? What are the chances of both taking if you put back two with a FET?

I can't believe how soon after the FET the blood test is!!!! I have to wait 12 days from the transfer. Please keep me posted on how it goes. Best of luck to you !
Hi April,

I responded in your other post but want to wish you luck again on FET!! That is so wonderful you have twin boys. I would love to have twins. Easy for me to say I know. But after all this IF I would take quadruplets!! I will be starting IVF very soon and was very inspired by your story! I hope all goes well.

April / CMarie / Aimee - hope you all three are doing good and anxiously waiting for the results...hang on ladies, we are with you to celebrate the good news :blob_fire

Just an update after my doc's appoint on 3/19 -
I had quite a good number of developed embies and my doc feels coz of more embies, there is a possibility that they made a wrong pick in picking the best embies. He feels there is nothing wrong with my uterus and he is very optimistic that there is a great chance of me getting preg.

Here is my protocol for FET-
I will stop taking BCP on 3/31.
wait for my periods to come - sked an appoint on Day 2 or 3 for B/w and u/s
after the results, I will start Del Estrogen shots (Intramuscular) - I will be taking these shots every 3rd day
Sked an appoint for B/w and u/s (do not know after how many shots)
after the results, start Progesterone shots (Intramuscular) plus continue Del Estrogen shots.

Once I complete 5 days on Progesterone shots, the final transfer will be done but the sad part is my cervix is little high so transfer will be done under sedation and my DH cannot be in :confused: They need to put a stitch below :eek:.
I have 7 frozen embies and planning to put 2 in. Hope this time, I succeed as I am really loosing hope - have had 2 BFN fresh IVF cycles so keeping fingers crossed this time.
No Lupron shots and all.

April -
My Protocol is gonna be very different from yours. I did ask my doc for Lupron shots and he said no other shots at all.

C ya
OMG!!!! How exciting!!!! I am definitely getting the "itch" to test;) My girlfriend got a BFP 7 days after her transfer so I think I will start testing then too ( which is Saturday). My beta is on Thursday!!! Can't wait to hear your beta results! Congrats girl:blob_fire :blob_fire :blob_fire :blob_fire
Hi Vi ctoria,

The embryo they transferred was from my IVF cycle in 2002. I had 4 embryos left over from then. They were all day 5 blastocysts. Their grade 4 being the highest was two 4's,a 3 and a 2.5. In 2002 we transferred two 4's. This time we decided we only wanted to have one so I asked my doctor if we could thaw one at a time,if there was anything wrong with the first then they would continue to thaw the next and so on if there was any problems. The first embryo they thawed was in excellent condition after almost 5 years. I was really suprised. I did some research before we decided to go through with this and I found some information that would give you some hope. I read about an some embryos that were froze for 10 years and was successful. It was really encouraging. I think the major factors in a successful FET is the age you were when your eggs were harvested, the stage the embryos were froze at,the quality of the embryos,how successful your fresh cycle was and if the lining is just right before the transfer. I know its a lot to think about and believe me I have contemplated everything but It sounds like you do have a good chance if you did have a succesful pregnancy with your fresh cycle. What day was your embryos froze on and do you know the grades. Well god bless, and I hope it all works for you. I know it is so frustrating. Hang in there. Sorry if i was babbleing I tend to do that. LOL!:angel:

Hi Golds!

Thanks so much for thinking about me! Aimee and I have our betas tomorrow!!!! I have never been so nervous in all my life!

How are you doing? How long have you been doing accupuncture? I have been going since we started the lupron. I did a session right before the transfer and right after it. I really hope it helped! I'd love to hear how you are doing with your cycle.

Hi Ladies,

Sorry I havent posted in a while. I had taken a home pregnancy test and you all know that it was positive. My first beta was real low only 12,10 days after my transfer. They told me that they thought it wasnt going to be a viable pregnancy. They had me come in three days later and test again and my levels had dropped to below 0. So it implanted then stopped developing :confused:. I had a really hard time with the news at first,but I am doing better now.
I went ahead and started a new FET cycle on Monday. So I will be giving it another go around. We have three embryos left. So I may even trasfer two this time. If I have twins again so be it. God wont give me more than I can handle.
Congradulations to you CMarie for you BFP!! You had great beta's,that is so wonderful. I bet you are so excited. Have you heard about ASPROUSEY,has she had any news yet??Congrats to all the ladies with BFP and good luck with you pregnancies....

Hi April
Howz it going ?
I had my second u/s & b/w yesterday and everything came out normal my lining was 13.8 so I start my Progesterone in Oil shots on Thursday, 4/19. I'm going as per the schedule on 4/23 for my transfer. I am planning to transfer two embies and will work from home for a week after the transfer.

Trying to stay positive and praying really hard.
Howz your cycle looking ?

Thanks April - I didn't know there are layers too they never told me it has always been just some number. I do not have any more appoints until 4/23 so not sure if I can find out how many layers there were. I am hearing it for the first time.
My numbers have always been great in my previous two cycles too and both the time ended up getting BFNs so not sure how it goes. This time they are going for Assisted Hatching so hoping and keeping fingers crossed that it works. I feel I have got very thick lining of outer shell it doesn't break and allows bubbies to come out and stick after the transfer. Am i making any sense can that be possible or have I gone nuts :dizzy: :dizzy:

Howz your cycle looking? Have you started Lupron shots and when is your ET sked for ?
I pray for both of us to get BFPs.

Mapia, did April post anywhere I couldn't find her post? how is she doing? I think she is hiding from me :)

Hey, I just called Shady Leesburg office and got an appoint for 8:45 am on 5/ heart is pumping fast now ;) Normally, the nurse call anytime after 1 pm. Oh Lord, give me the strength to take that phone call.

Praying for us.
I hear u Golds I am so scared u dont even know.I had a dream last night that I went for BETA and I walk into the room and the RE was there with 2 nurses looking at my results on the computer.They seemed happy but I never saw what happened after Beta is at 8:45 on Weds at the Columbia office.I usually get a call between 2-4.BTW April posted on the previous page.

Hey girls,

I am still here. LOL!! Sometimes I spend so much time ready posts. Usually late at night and I get tired, and I end up not posting. Sorry!! So Golds your beta is Monday,Good luck girl!! I really pray that you get you BFP! And Mapia sorry I get so confused after ready everyones posts I did think you was doing a FET. I did a IUI one time,with no luck. Me and my DH should of had the insemination done,we probably run out of little guys by the time I ovulated,because we wore each other out LOL! Well good luck to you too!!! BFP to all. I am counting down days to my FET now. I cant believe its so close. My baseline is Thursday. So hopefully my transfer will stay as scheduled on the next Wednesday.Well everybody wish me luck...We are transferring two. Whew!!! I just read Cmarie's post,I could not believe it,bless her heart.Nobody should have to go through that. I will be praying for her and the babies.

Well girls I will be watching for your posts.Dont forget about us,becasue we definitely have not forgot about you.

P.S. Thanks for caring:angel: :angel: :angel:
Sincerley, April Key
Evening Ladies...AF has finally arrived after a BFN on the 30/3. I have 3 snow babies waiting for my natural FET from my last IVF. I am now day 4 and will have a scan on the 16th (day 12). I am getting excited except I keep thinking 'What if they do not thaw??'. I hope and pray this will be it for me.

I hope everyone is doing well and I am sending lots of babydust and positive ***** your way.

37yrs old
PCOS TTC 12 years
8 failed IVFS
wow april 3 days and you will have another transfer.. that seemed to go by real fast.. did your re let you start right after your chemical pregnancy?? i had my miscarriage on the 11th of april but i still have to wait until this period to "start" meaning bcp then lupron.. etc etc.. so e/r e/t end of june beginning of july i believe!!! i hope this works for you so you can give a sibling to your twins :) good luck and please keep us updated, you have been in my prayers.. im happy you dont have to wait months to try again. i go crazy waiting.. anyway.. let us know how the 2ww goes.. ttys <3 aimee
Hi ladies,

Thanks for the warm wishes. I have felt pretty good so far. Last night I almost felt like I could feel one implanting. LOL! It was like a little pain throbbing over and over in the same spot. I would like to think thats what it was anyways. Yes we have been talking with the boys from the beginning. We try to explain it the best way we can without giving them to much information. When they get older I will tell them how babies are actually made! LOL!

Me and my husband have decided since this is our last two embryos that if it doesnt work this time,that this will be our last try to have another child. I have to be thankful of what I have already. But it would be nice to have a little girl. Time will only tell.

I am getting a little impatient now,and so far I have been a good girl,I havent bought any preg. tests. I tested 5 days after my last FET and got a BFP,so I know that If I waited to atleast then I could get a result. So I just dont know what to do. Please give me strength to wait. Why do they make us wait so long??? Sorry I am rambling on now. Really home.

Well best wishes to all the girls going through their own procedures and BFP to the girls on the 2ww!!

Warm wishes,
Hey girls

Well I couldn't wait I took a One-step pregnancy test from the Dollar General Store and I got a very light positive. Yeah!! But Im not going to get to excited yet until my beta,because of last time. I took one last time and got a positive and my beta numbers were bad!! So please pray for me that it is a good positive this time!!! I had thought I was preg. I have been having some signs again. My boobs went from not hurting at all,then a coulple days after my transfer they have become more and more sore and swollen. I was a little light headed one day. But other than that I feel good. So please God let this baby or babies stay healthy and keep growing.:angel:

Best wishes,

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