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Wow guys, your response was huge and so thoughtful to my last email! Well, I got some good and bad news today... My HCG was 213. My progesterone was only 8.5... They want the progesterone above 20. I was already on suppositories so now I have to do 200 mg twice a day instead of 100 twice a day. I knew something was wrong because Sunday I started spotting. It's still there but still very light. I am not too optimistic. I go back wed for another blood test. I don't know what to think. Anyone ever have low progesterone and not miscarry? Ugg. I just got over a crying spell. I am sure miscarriages are so hard for any woman to go through, but when you have to work so hard to get pregnant, it really sucks!
cmarie, best of luck to you and dh on your first IVF cycle. I hope you get that BFP on the 29th!
S&J, I am so happy for your BFP, that's so wonderful! Your baby was born just two days before my son! My son is great, getting so big and he just counted to two while we walked up the stairs (We always count the stairs when we go up them). I was so proud!
Take care everyone! I will let you know how things go Wed, but I don't have much hope left on this one. I think if I miscarry again we'll take a break until summer and maybe I'll go on a crash diet and look better on my beach vacation before I try to get pregnant again.
Talk to you all soon!

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