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Hey Cmarie,

I'm thrilled for you that you've completed your 1st IVF cycle and that you're now in your 2ww. I definitely will be watching the boards to read your report of your BFP at the end of the month. :) And I think I read that you and Aimee have your betas scheduled for the same day -- so I am anticipating twice the good news! :D

In answer to your questions about my HPT-ing during my IVF 2ww: You might remember that I completed 2 IVF cycles. The first was a 3 day transfer of 2 embies, and I actually started my period well before my beta (even though I was on those awful PIO shots!), so didn't HPT on that one. Just went in for an early beta which confirmed that the IVF had not worked.

For my second completed cycle -- that was a 5 day transfer w/ 2 embies. One embie was a full blast and the other was a pre-blast (just about to blast). They were grade 1 embies (i.e., no fragmentation).

My beta was scheduled 17 days post retrieval. I took an HPT the evening before my beta. Just wanted to prepare myself the day before the beta bc I'd be receiving the news at work. Plus the wait was killing me!

My philosophy on the earliest to take an HPT would be no sooner than 15 days post retrieval (I thought of it more in terms of post-retrieval as opposed to post-transfer bc I consider the date of retrieval to be the date of conception -- explained more below). I say this bc the trigger shot would be out of your system then (I think it takes at least 12-14 days for it to be out) and bc I assume the day of retrieval to be the day of conception (since the lab puts eggs and sperm together on the day of retrieval). In a completely natural cycle (i.e., no assisted reproductive technologies) -- assuming a perfect 14 day cycle -- ovulation would occur at day 14 and then conception shortly after that. The earliest HPTs advertise that they work is either the day of or day after your missed period (maybe some now advertise that they can detect a little earlier)??? So that's how I come up with 15 days post retrieval -- bc it's about the time that someone with a natural conception might test. My logic might be flawed, but that's just how I thought about it. The other thing is, though, that unlike a natural cycle where the embie is in your body from the point of conception -- and your body may start producing HCG from the time of conception -- in IVF the embie is put back three or five days after conception, so your body doesn't get to start making HCG until the embie is put back. So if you're an IVF'er, you need to give your body some time to make the HCG that can be picked up on an HPT. Does this make any sense, or do you just think I'm totally crazy?!?! :dizzy: Maybe I just overthought the whole thing (like everything else about my treatments! ;) )

I don't know if that helps you or not, but I hope it helps! So anyhow, my HPT was positive the evening before my beta, and my first beta was 914.

Re: your questions about my pregnancy -- thank you for asking, everything is going well. I am 17 weeks, due 8/26, and hoping to find out the sex of the baby in about 3 weeks at an ultrasound. :)

What were your IVF stats re: how many embies you transferred and what day (3 or 5) was your transfer? Does your clinic "rate" your embies? If so, what kind did you have transferred? Did you have anything to freeze, did you freeze, or did you opt not to freeze?

Cmarie -- I am SOOOO hoping that this is it for you. I hope that your 2ww goes by quickly, and I hope to hear some excellent news from you March 29th. I am sending positive vibes, prayers, and fistfuls of babydust your way!! :angel:
Thank you so much Cubed for all the information and insights:wave: It really helped!!! I totally agree with your points on the hpts. The only thing is I have taken it one step further...I started testing 3 days after my trigger shot to see when it would be out of my system and by 4 days post trigger, the tests were all negative. I took another test on the morning of my transfer just to make sure it was negative and it still was, so that means that if I get a positive, it will not be a false positive:) Another thing I wanted to share is that my girlfriend who did IVF, at her clinic they have the beta 9 days from the transfer date. So she took a hpt 7 days post transfer and got a bfp!!! Which is SOOOOOO soon. She ended up being preggo with her daughter and the beta confirmed it 2 days later. So that was why I was trying to figure out when I should test, I will not do it that early, I was thinking maybe on Tuesday and my beta is on Thursday. I guess I will just have to see how it goes.

My clinic did not give me the grades of the embies. At first I wanted it all, but now I think it is probably better that I don't know the little details b/c I would probably stress like hell if they were not "perfect". The one thing they kept saying even before we started stimming was, "perfect embryos do not necessarily equal a pregnancy and poor embryos do not mean a failed cycle" so that made me feel better. After my beta and we have our consultation with my RE, I may ask for the details of the embryos then. All he did say was that they were good and he was very happy with the cycle and the outcome. So I hope that is good enough to get me my little one.

I did have an "above average" stimulation and retrieval (as my RE put it). But I am still paying the price for it. My ovaries are so enlarged, they are bigger than my uterus and there are lots of shooting little pains on each side. They said it could stay like this for 3 weeks or so. We will freeze any remaining embryos. At my clinic they continue to grow them a little bit and then freeze them. My RE said I could call in a week to get the freezing information. So we will see how it goes, I hope I have at least a few to freeze so I don't have to do a fresh transfer!

The frickin' PIO shots are KILLING ME!!!! My boobs are SOOOO sore and big from them. I can't even touch them without them killing me. NO fun!!!!

I am so excited for you that you will find out in 3 weeks what the baby is going to be!!!!! You HAVE to post and let me know!!!!! I can not believe you are 17 weeks already, I remember cycling with you...time really goes by fast.

Well, girl, thanks again for your continued support and guidance. It really means alot to me. We will keep in touch!

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